Transracial & Transnational Adoptee Resources

Transracial & Transnational Adoptee Resources

Books, films & quotes by and for adoptees 

List of books and films

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Korean Adoptee Resources

Korean Adoptee Community Organizations in North America

Korean Adoptee Community Organizations in Europe

Networks of Korean Adoptee Community Organizations

  • IKAA: International Korean Adoptee Associations

Korean Adoptee Community & Support Organizations in Korea

  • GOA’L: Global Overseas Adoptees’ Link (An adoptee-founded NGO operated by and for adoptees)

  • KoRoot (Guesthouse for returning Korean adoptees and an NGO finding solutions for overseas adoption matters)

  • InKAS: International Korean Adoptee Service, Inc. (Nonprofit post-adoption service)

  • KAS: Korea Adoption Services (A resource established by the Korean government’s Ministry of Health & Welfare intended to centralize adoption records and coordinate family searches)

Korean Adoptee Advocacy Organizations

  • ASK: Adoptee Solidarity Korea

  • KUMFA: Korean Unwed Mothers and Families Association

  • MPAK: Mission to Promote Adoption in Korea

  • TRACK: Truth and Reconciliation for the Adoption Community of Korea

Adoptive Family Organizations

Chinese Adoptee Community Resources

  • CAL: Chinese Adoptee Links

Adoptive Family Organizations

  • FCC-NW: Families with Children from China (Northwest chapter)

Vietnamese Adoptee Community Resources

Adoptive Family Organizations

  • FCV: Families with Children from Vietnam

  • Mam Non (Michigan, USA)

Transnational Adoptee Community Resources 

  • AFAAD: Adopted & Fostered Adults of the African Diaspora

Family Resources 

  • AdopSource (A Minnesota-based nonprofit organization committed to supporting the integration of culture, identity and life experience for adoptees, their families and the greater community)

  • MAVIN (A volunteer-run organization serving the mixed-heritage community)

  • Mixed Roots Foundation (A nonprofit community foundation led by multicultural adoptees)

  • Pact: An Adoption Alliance (A nonprofit organization serving adopted children of color and their families)

  • Rainbow World (A nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing the personal, social, cultural, historical and political issues surrounding international adoption)

Local Washington Adoptee organization

How to find a therapist (in 5 easy steps)

How to find a therapist (in 5 easy steps)

Anti-bullying Resources

Anti-bullying Resources