Claire Mathieson, MSW LSWAIC


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I believe it is possible to make long-lasting changes despite and in spite of the past.

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Values & Philosophy

My primary counseling approach is social justice oriented and based in a relational psychodynamic model. I am influenced by other modalities including narrative theory, family systems, multicultural counseling, attachment theory, and cognitive behavioral therapy. I utilize a conversational and compassionate approach to therapy.  

I am committed to strength-based, solution-focused practices by honoring the individual’s resiliency and personal reserve of resources. This means I look within the client and their experiences for the answers and solutions. I practice the reflection of empathy through respect and regard for the client. I value transparency, authenticity and compassion in this work.

We are complicated, intricate, and unique human beings. We may not have the same struggles, pain, hopes, or dreams, but we all want to have more good days than bad, be present in our relationships, and feel good in our skin. We are all worthy of love and we deserve to believe that.  I have had the honor of being able to walk alongside people in their darkest times. I am humbled daily by their ability to make positive change despite fear and discomfort in unchartered territory. It may require the surrendering of finely tuned maladaptive coping mechanisms, but it is possible.

therapeutic techniques

My therapeutic techniques are rooted in two theoretical frames. Social Justice Practice and Relational Psychotherapy.

Social Justice Practice: Race matters. I have a deep understanding of how systems of oppression and institutionalized racism affect a person’s quality of life, and how this impacts interpersonal relationships. The harmful effects of inequity (all of the ‘isms) on the psyche, body, and spirit do not leave any of us unscathed. I am mindful of my own places of privilege, and lack thereof, and how that impacts my point of reference, and perspective. I encourage the exploration of identity through a cultural and racial lens, as well as how  racial and social injustices are internalized.

Relational Psychotherapy: One reason to seek therapeutic intervention is because of the emotional distress caused by difficult relationships. The relationship between the therapist and client can serve as a model for future relationships you wish to develop, or change. Transformation for the client can begin to occur when there is an understanding of unhealthy relationship patterns and the acceptance of new ways of being in relation with others.

fees & insurance

My counseling sessions are approximately 45-55 minutes. Longer sessions are available as clinically appropriate or as needed for crises. My standard session fee is $120. Additional 30 minute increments are $60. Initial consultation/intake fee is $150. 

I am considered out-of-network with most insurance companies. If you would like to use insurance to help pay for counseling, I recommend you contact customer service for your specific insurance program to confirm your coverage. You can give them my information to see what the coverage would be for my services, specifically.

I am a member of Open Path Psychotherapy Collective; the premise of which is for therapists to work with at least one client at a reduced rate (between $30-$50 a session). I believe in accessible mental health services. Please ask for more information about my pay structure.

scope of practice

Adults & Children: I have worked in a therapeutic capacity for the last decade, most recently with parents and children involved in the child welfare system due to abuse/neglect, substance use disorder, and mental health disorders. At the core of these complex issues is trauma. My approach is direct and authentic, with compassion and some humor.

Transracial & Transnational Adoptees: Finding oneself is a life-long journey. It can be further complicated and nuanced for adoptees and their families. I have worked both professionally, and in volunteer roles with adoptive and foster parents, children in foster care, and transracial/transnational adoptees. It is arduous, sometimes heart-wrenching work, but I believe it is possible to find and claim a once fragmented self through the acknowledgment of trauma, and any subsequent trauma-driven behaviors. 


Professional License: Social Worker Associate Independent Clinical License  SC60754947


University of Washington

M.S.W. Clinical Social Work, 2016
Health / Mental Health

Marymount Manhattan College

B.A. Sociology, 2006